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Hardcover, 262 pages ( Goodreads )
Official site ( www.marcussedgwick.com )


A modern gothic thriller, shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal.

Supposing you wanted to prove something, something important. Supposing you wanted to prove, for argument’s sake, that there is life after death.

“1798, 10mo, 6d. I believe he intends to practise some unholy rite, a summoning, a conjuration. A thing of magic.”
Two lives, two centuries apart. But they walked the same paths, lived in the same house, and became obsessed by the same question.

When city girl Rebecca steps into the quiet streets of Winterfold that relentlessly hot summer, her uneasy friendship with strange, elfin Ferelith sets in motion a shocking train of events.

I really liked reading this book and just couldn’t let go of it.
Also the book is very interesting and some parts of it make my skin tingle.
I recommend the book to all of you who like his genre.
I give the book 3 of 5 stars.

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